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Geplaatst op 17-03-2023

Categorie: Lifestyle

When it comes to looks and dating, that sad truth is that looks do matter when it comes to dating. We all know that they shouldn’t matter, but sometimes people are just more attracted naturally to someone then others, no matter your skills or your values or your personality, but sometimes, or most when it comes to NON online dating, physical wellness does play a big part in today’s dating. No matter what, you need to accept the fact that looks is the FIRST thing people will ALWAYS notice first about you, especially when we are living in a world obsessed with beauty and fashion. So how you look really does matter. But before I go on with this, you will be very surprised how much looks DON’T matter when you date online first, you fall in love with their personality and who they are so much that they can look like igor and you would hardly be able to tell the difference.

And it’s also a fact that this is incredibly unfair. But it is how it is, people will notice us and then make a judgment in that split second they look at you, and it WILL be based off who you look. Our image will always be speaking volumes about who we are and what we do, it is the king of first impressions. The basis of any and all courtship, relationship, whatever you want to call it, is always the physical attraction you hold with the person. Both of you need to be physically attracted at least a little bit to make things work out fine, it’s just how it is.

The first of all dates are always based off the looks of the person, it’s why you wanted to date them in the first place, to you they looked cute or handsome and you wanted and needed to get to know them more, so then you find out about the, who they are, and what exactly you find attractive about the person, and to be honest you would be a fool if you were to try to ignore or suppress these feelings and desires, it makes us human!

But we got some good news, so don’t be losing hope over there, you don’t got to look like Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt, don’t worry. Everyone has their own idea of what they find attractive. For example, some guys like their girls with make up, dressed nice, look all neat or other various things, where as I like it my girl without make up, I like her wearing whatever she is comfy in and honestly I don’t care if she’s neat or not, I just want her relaxed with me. Some guys may like large ‘busts’ but I know I sure don’t, they just get in the way of hugs. So in general what we are looking for here is image, and that all depends on how you make your image look, we all know nobody is perfect (unless you are me), and it’s true too, nobody is ever perfect! No matter how much you love yourself in a non conceded way, there will always be at least one thing you don’t like about yourself.

No matter what it is, you will always think that there is something about you that you could have made better or you wish it were better. But above all things, you should not morph with your face, you have no idea how fake that makes you look. Face lifts are a waste of money that makes you look scary, because believe it or not, flaws happen to be something that attracts people as well, to be honest, I love my girls flaws, they help shape her and make her who and what she is, and I fell in love with that, to change it would be changing and removing what I loved about her, see how that works?

Should always make sure you always wear good clean clothes, not just to look nice but for your health as well. Wearing dirty or old clothes may not be healthy and may also be damaging. Good clean clothes will also not hide your attractiveness like older boring clothes would. And no, they don’t need to be expensive, I can assure you that your date will not be looking for a price tag.

So, all in all, looks do matter when it comes to physical dating, but please, always keep in mind that everyone is beautiful in their own ways, and always be yourself, don’t change yourself too much and dress nicely. No one is perfect, and that includes who you are dating.